How do you know if you have sensitive skin and how to treat it?

Skin sensitivity can occur from a myriad of reasons; genetics, product overuse, photodamage, infections, and the list goes on. Although sensitive skin sufferers might feel deterred, the appropriate products that provide nutritive hydration is often the key to reducing redness and inflammation.  

Sensitive skin is often misdiagnosed or misread. How do you know if you have sensitive skin? There are telltale signs that allows you to know if you have sensitive skin. Oftentimes the skin will be sensitive to touch. There will be redness. Many skin care products inflame or redden the skin.  The sun might cause redness or a rash. The skin might also be dry and have dry patches. There will be flakiness. And with so many aggravating ingredients in skin care products, it can be difficult to find trustworthy skin care. 

Sensitive skin can also be the result of a medical procedure or skin trauma. But, regardless of the cause, the key to addressing sensitive skin is being sure to calm, soothe, and comfort the skin. 

Here at Doctor Cosmedical, we understand the frustration about having sensitive skin and what causes sensitive skin. While oftentimes genetic and environmental factors will both be at play, we aim to help you calm and soothe your sensitive skin, all while give you a more youthful complexion. 

Our Vitamin K Cure Cream is fortified with such soothing botanicals as arnica, calendula, and sweet almond oil, which all help to address the redness, inflammation, and sensitivities that come with sensitive skin. Vitamin K helps to protect and heal sensitive skin by gently stimulating blood flow, resulting in smoother, calmer, and more clear skin.

One of the more overlooked products for sensitive skin? A facial cleanser. Our Hydrating Foaming Cleanser is designed for sensitive skin, created without sulfates to allow for a gentle cleanse, and Pro-vitamin B5, which is an essential mineral in the healing of skin.

 Sensitive Skin Face Wash

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